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FGTREND develops among all Nigerian webpage entrances not only for its dazzling arrangement and basic course yet for its stacked, rich, significant and stand-out substance. The possibility of FGTREND was envisioned and collected beginning with no outside help by EXPERT , the CEO, and as a result of Our Global Friends and our fans for There support.. 

After much thought, FGTREND was impelled on June 18, 2015 and since its beginning, FGTREND has been giving gigantic and un-quantifiable help and organizations to the Nigerian culture by keeping them side by side with the latest happenings in Free Browsing Technology, Entertainment, and vast free adaptable substance for cell phones, laptops, ipads e.t.c . 

While focusing on the above FGTREND knows the level of occupation unemployment in the country and are doing their own specific negligible best to destroy this risk by giving online Legitimate money making excercises and business musings to the continually getting to be number of Nigerian teenagers. 

FGTREND furthermore grows its edges by orchestrating eye - getting workshops and workshop to guide Nigerian young people on some specific locales like lake making, advancement of sun controlled sheets e.t.c. 

FGTREND superlative and committed group (heads) can't be left unmentioned for their extraordinary and profitable musings. They are the cerebrum behind FGTREND. This essential substance was made and made by EXPERT out of FGTREND an arranged creator and web review expert.


Programming ace and site wizard WILLIE WONDER holds an exemplary degree in C.sc. From one of Nigerians head foundations. FGTREND was made on June 18 , 2015 by WILLIE WONDER, Nigerian head phone technologist. He has gotten such an extensive number of recognition, recompenses and awesome will messages from his fans and well wishers. Above all WILLIE WONDER is a humble and a typical Nigerian man with a mind boggling perspective to life.

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