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Monday, 7 August 2017

Christians willingly handing Nigeria over to Islam – Venerable Ben Nwachukwu

A senior Anglican priest, Venerable Ben Nwachukwu has said that Nigeria was a product of a deal between the Royal Niger Company and the Colonial government in England.

He also stressed that the McPherson constitutions were presided over by Christians.
Venerable Nwanekwu said this to buttress opinion that Nigerian Christians have themselves to blame if anybody plans to Islamise the nation.
Addressing newsmen in Lagos ahead of the 60th anniversary of his church, Nwachukwu who is the Vicar/Archdeacon of Saint Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos, argued that “Christians deserve whatever is happening to them today with regards to a plot to islamize the nation.”
He added that, “It was the Christians themselves, through Lord Luggard, that did amalgamation of northern and southern protectorates and gave that area out and said Islam should remain here while Christians should get here.
“Soon after the amalgamation, there was a deliberate attempt to take Islam down to the South,” he stated, noting that “it took more than 100 years for Christianity to attempt to enter the North.”
According to Nwachukwu who was also a chaplain of former Primate of the church, Archbishop Joseph Abio-dun Adetiloye (1988-1999), “Christianity simply refused to move at the pace that Islam was moving.”
He recalled that when he accompanied his principal to Lokoja, where the Union Jack was buried, the demarcation between the Southern and Northern protectorates, there was no attempt by Christians to cross that confluence.
“Whatever was done in the North in terms of evangelism was carried out by Sudanese missionaries who founded the ECWA Church. But the British, the Roman Catholic, the Anglican, the Baptist, the Methodist and all those that came felt comfortable in the South. They didn’t do anything.

“It’s like you are playing football with somebody and you are busy defending while your opponent is trying to score goal. You will remain defending forever until he scores his goal.”

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